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NOMBEKO rhodesian ridgebacks
Kennel VDH und FCI international registriert
our ridgebacks are bred with passion and respect, raised with experience
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Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Nombeko Rhodesian Ridgeback ZuchtVDH und FCI
ridgebacks bred with passion and respect

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Nombeko Eleon Fayalo


Fayalo ( 12 months)


Fayalo is the latest generation of Nombeko. We kept him from Patani's first litter. The original plan was to keep a girl for future breeding, but this little charmer stole himself in our hearts and we couldn't part with him. His nickname in the litter was Daltrey, with The Who being one of my favorite all time bands. Already at a very young age he had this special attitude and charme - he had to stay.


He sucessfully went through puppy school and is now going to further classes, he loves to go to dog school and is very fast to catch up new things and very focussed for a young boy.


Of course together with Noelle he is up to some mischief, but he is already pretty laid back and calm. With smaller dogs he plays very gently, a lot wilder with the older members of his pack.


Fayalo is my steady companion, already in the morning we share a cup of green tea, his favorite tastes are vanilla and coconut.

Looking so much forward to follow him grow into a stunning male.


dob. June-03-2012

VDH 12/10908998

sire: Butch Chili Ra-Lis
dam: Nombeko Chochorai Patani

red wheaten, blacknosed

Daltrey, Mr. Handsome, Stinker, Yoyobooij
food, dog school, cuddles, spooning
RAIN, Cold

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