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NOMBEKO rhodesian ridgebacks
Kennel VDH und FCI international registriert
our ridgebacks are bred with passion and respect, raised with experience
Nombeko Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel
Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Nombeko Rhodesian Ridgeback ZuchtVDH und FCI
ridgebacks bred with passion and respect

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A wonderful trio of ridgeback males

Three males in one family, that get along perfectly. Beat from our litter B (Moyo x Chipo), Coffie from our litter C (Argos x Amboni) and Boo, the livernose.

Many thanks to Patricia and Thorsten for sending those gorgeous shots, your boyz rock!


Coffie, Boo und Beat - Photo by Ulla Bergob

Coffie - Boo - Beat

(c) Lauer / Ulla Bergob