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Story IV - foot care

Today I would like to show how I do foot care on my dogs. Before, I used to clip the nails, but the dogs were not comfortable with the clippers. They seem to hurt when the nail is pinched. So for some years already I use a dremel and am happy with the results. Plus, doing my dogs' nails is much more pleasant for the dogs nowadays and you have more control over how short you get the nails, taking of little by little.


Of course we have special treats that the dogs only get on this occasion. We use meatballs or dried duck. When I first start dremeling a dog's nails that is not used to it, I use many many treats to make it a positive experience.


Many ridgebacks nails do not get short enough through walking them regularly, for different reasons. So a regular foot care every few weeks is needed. And it is preferable to do the nails more often in shorter time periods than to take off too much at once.


As a tool I use a cordless dremel which you can get in any hardware store or from Ebay. The cordless ones are easier to handle around the dogs and they are strong enough to do the nails. I always use the sanding bands as the grinding stones get too hot too fast.


(Usually, in the US, ridgeback nails are kept much shorter than in Europe...)




the videos


Video 1 link to video 1


Video 2 link to video 2

the pictures


Pfote vorher  before (too long!)

Pfote nachher after dremeling 

Dremel the tool, a cordless Dremel



Thanks to my "model" Amboni and my camera girl Sissi! :o)