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NOMBEKO rhodesian ridgebacks
Kennel VDH und FCI international registriert
our ridgebacks are bred with passion and respect, raised with experience
Nombeko Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel
Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Nombeko Rhodesian Ridgeback ZuchtVDH und FCI
ridgebacks bred with passion and respect

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News from Fialotta

We got a lovely mail from Fia's owners. Fia is a sister to Amboni and Shani, who celebrated their 7th birthday in july. We are thrilled that she is doing so well in the capital!

"Hello Kiki, Fia also is in great health. She is a superb dog, just a little lazy. She still loves to run next to the horse though. If it rains, she doesn't need to pee for 2 days...she hates it that much to go out then. She always adapts greatly to new situations. In the meantime we have three children, two very small ones. She is incredibly patient with them and lets them do everything they want to. We thank you for this wonderful dog. Many greetings from Berlin from the Drieselmann family"


New pictures from Fia in her holidays (Baltic Sea):