Nombeko Rhodesian Ridgebacks und Welpen
NOMBEKO rhodesian ridgebacks
Kennel VDH und FCI international registriert
our ridgebacks are bred with passion and respect, raised with experience
Nombeko Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel
Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Nombeko Rhodesian Ridgeback ZuchtVDH und FCI
ridgebacks bred with passion and respect

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Puppy from a responsible breeder (VDH/FCI)

Attention puppy buyers!

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are enjoying an increasing popularity. There are more and more breeders, and also backyard breeders have recognized that there is a demand for puppies of this breed and are trying to make maximum money at the expense of the puppies and puppy buyers.


In Germany, we have three Ridgeback clubs that are members of the German Kennel Club (VDH), which in turn belongs to the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

These three clubs are:
- German breeder community Rhodesian Ridgeback (DZRR)
- Club for the preservation of the running dogs of southern Africa (ELSA)
- Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Germany (RRCD)


Litter D


Solely these three clubs are entitled to issue official pedigrees. Dogs from these clubs may participate in FCI approved exhibitions and activities in Germany and abroad, and these pedigrees are accepted by foreign clubs (e.g. AKC, ANKC). In those clubs, we have strict breeding regulations, requirements and tests for health and character before a Ridgeback can be used in breeding.


All other clubs in Germany, including propagators and backyard breeders belong to what we call dissidence. Sometimes even here health tests and examinations are required, but they are in no way comparable to those within the three clubs of VDH.


Those backyard breeders breed for profit and not to better the breed. Anyone can print his own pedigrees and falsify information. The paper is often not worth the money on which it is printed. So please be very careful when choosing a breeder. Education is a must. A reputable breeder will ask you a lot of questions and may do a background check on you to ensure his puppy is placed in the best possible home. And you should ask a lot of questions to to make sure you get a healthy companion that is bred with experience and passion.



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