Nombeko Rhodesian Ridgebacks und Welpen
NOMBEKO rhodesian ridgebacks
Kennel VDH und FCI international registriert
our ridgebacks are bred with passion and respect, raised with experience
Nombeko Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel
Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Nombeko Rhodesian Ridgeback ZuchtVDH und FCI
ridgebacks bred with passion and respect

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Nombeko - our rhodesian ridgeback kennel

We are located in Rheinhessen, near Mainz and Frankfurt/M. Our dogs are part of our family and move freely in the house and on the yard. First and foremost our ridgebacks are family members, we try to promote them according to their skills in the best possible way. We do not have kennels to lock our dogs away from us.


judging a best ridge contest in Canada


How it all started...


In 1996 we got in touch with the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback for the first time and Scarlet Spa Aron joined our family in September.

Even if we had to learn the characteristics of ridgebacks with Aron rather the "hard way", we are since then addicted to the breed and couldn't imagine living without ridgebacks anymore. For different reasons we decided not to breed with Aron.


In the year 2000 we got our bitch Bakima Imani of Sambesi Waters from the Allgaeu and the desire grew to start breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

In February 2002 we launched our kennel by the name NOMBEKO (FCI + VDH registered). NOMBEKO means ' respect ' in Kisuaheli.

In the summer of 2004 our first litter was born, in August 2005 we had our second litter. 2007 and 2008 we had two litters with our girl Amboni.


In 2009 we moved to Ontario/Canada for a few months with our dogs.
Now we are planning a new litter with Patani.


1996 how it all started


What does breeding mean?


Breeding dogs means to carefully plan the combination of selected purebred dogs with a certain breed goal (e.g. exterieur, achievements, health e.g.), in expectation that the desired characteristics reflect themselves in the descendants.

Our goal is not only to produce beautiful, standard like Ridgebacks with correct, functional anatomy, but we pay particular attention to the character and health, because those are the things that count in everyday life together with the dog.


We pay special attention toward the choice of the optimum breed partners. Our search for the best possible stud already begins many months (sometimes years) before the planned mating. We visit foreign shows and are in contact with other breeders worldwide.

It is important to us to deal carefully with the hereditary property of our dogs. We want to make sure that also in the future healthy and sound Ridgebacks may be born.


Breeding means to think in generations.


Kiki and Rhuben


A puppy from us?


We are very careful in the selection of our puppy buyers and would like to get to know interested parties as early as possible. By this, all kinds of questions can already be clarified, especially whether a Rhodesian Ridgeback actually fits to those people and finds the correct living conditions there. We would like that the new owners are happy with their dog, because only then we can assume that our dogs will also be happy.

We like to keep in touch with the owners on a regular base either on the phone, by mail or meet up with them. This is very important to us because it is the only way to pursue the development of our offspring and to gather important information for our breeding - and of course we would always like to know how "our" dogs are doing.

Our care and responsibility for the dogs however does not end when the puppies move to their new homes. We offer full breeders support and will always be available to assist owners with problems they might encounter with their dog. 

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